Ideas for Decorating and Setting Up a Conference Room

Ideas for Decorating and Setting Up a Conference Room

Whether you’re just updating a meeting room or are trying to style your new office, you should find conference room furniture that works for you and your employees. There is a lot to consider when decorating a conference room. Here are some of them:

The Purpose of the Furniture

Meeting rooms are made to discuss business situations and proposals. You want to make sure that your conference room exhibits that by making sure all of the furniture you have is functional to its purpose. Usually, a conference table is set in the middle of a room, making it so that everyone can see and hear each other. It is also important that all attendees can see the board or TV displaying business-related material. You want it to be a collaborative workspace that is also flexible, as not all meetings will have the same requirements. Investing in multipurpose furniture is your best bet. Depending on the purpose of the space, you will also want an efficient layout, taking into consideration the amount of room needed.

The Size of The Room

It’s important to measure the conference room before you go shopping in order to have a clear idea of the size of the furniture that you will want. You should note other things such as window and door placement as well. The layout of the room is important to note in order to accurately choose pieces that will fit the space, while still leaving room for movement. Knowing the size of the space will also allow you to make sure everyone can enter and exit comfortably. Neglecting to measure and take the size of the room into consideration may result in a conference room that is uncomfortably cramped.

The Types of Tables Available

The conference table is the centerpiece of the meeting room. The shape, size, and material that you choose are crucial. There are also tables with different functions like extendability and electric sockets, as well as others that allow for flexibility for all your needs. The main shapes that you will be looking at are rectangular, square, ovular, racetrack, and boat-shaped. Rectangular or square tables are great for larger spaces and usually come with extendable options for larger meetings. Racetrack or ovular tables have rounded corners, which will allow for larger seating capacity and more comfortable movement within the room. A boat-shaped table is wider in the middle and curved at the sides, making it possible for attendees to have a better view of other participants, screens, and presentations. Round conference tables will save a lot of room in a larger space but will feel awkward in smaller spaces.

The Power Capabilities

Having a power source right on the table is something that you should seriously consider. Plugging sockets right in the conference table will make it easy to bring power to projectors, computers, phones, and all electronic devices. This way, you can avoid having to get an extension cord put in or having to find a wall outlet near the tables. Having a power source right in the table will make everything more convenient and make for a neater room. Messy cables get in the way, becoming a tripping hazard.

The Chairs

Another important consideration that is crucial in every meeting room is the conference chairs that you choose. Meetings may go on for a while, meaning that you will want to make sure that the chairs you put in the room are functional and comfortable. You don’t want to cause back pain to your potential clients or employees.

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