How to Pick The Right Office Chair For You

How to Pick The Right Office Chair For You

If you are in the market for a new office chair, there are so many things you will want to consider before putting any money down on a quality one that you’ll be happy to spend the bulk of your day on. There are a variety of different types of designs and functions when it comes to office chairs; you will want to look at all your options to decide which one will best suit your needs.


Computer Chairs

The basic computer chair is one that everyone is familiar with. These are fine for everyday users and are available with or without arms, depending on your preferences. These chairs will typically not have too many options when it comes to ergonomic adjustments.

Ergonomic Chairs

These office chairs will be built to seat workers in ideal seating position for better posture while working for long hours. These types of chairs are known to fit any body type and height, making it a common recommendation for general office needs. These chairs are made to conform to every person’s unique needs and comfort with adjustability. Try each chair out to really get a feel for its features before buying.

Executive Chairs

These chairs are the upgraded version of basic desk chairs. They will usually have features like a higher back and minimal design. There is usually a built-in or detachable headrest to add a stylish touch for an executive office.

Drafting Stools

These stools are usually height adjustable and make it easy for one to go from standing to sitting in a matter of seconds. These are great for standing workstations because of its design and function. Some will come with back support, but they are also available without it.

Heavy Duty Office Chairs

These office chairs are made for sitting in all the time. You can use these office chairs for hours on end to do all the tasks you need to do without straining your body. These are great for 24-hour centers or army bases.

Kneel Chairs

These are ergonomic seating designed for the user to sit in a kneeling posture. These have become more popular, but many people just prefer yoga ball positioning. There are more and more active sitting solutions coming up for those who get antsy and lose focus from being in a seat all day. These chairs are great for getting your body in the optimal position for working for long hours. This will position your body so that there are less pain and strain in your back.

Active Seating

There are various options for active seating. This is great for those gym rats that want to leave the sedentary office lifestyle. Standing desks have taken the world by storm, but active seating is the new norm. Active seating will offer comfort, balance, and movement while the user is working. This is a great way to burn some calories while getting work done. You will be in movement while also being forced to balance your body on this type of seating, which will strengthen your core and back.

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